Safe Search

Learn how to enable Safe Search for popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as YouTube. This helps keep inappropriate content out of search results.

YouTube Safety Mode


Seems like all the kids these days like to search on YouTube for music videos, cute kitten videos, Minecraft videos, and just about every other kind of video. Some are instructional, some are educational, some are entertaining but many are just not okay for kids. Can parents prevent their kids from seeing inappropriate content on YouTube? Well, sort of.

How to Create a Google Alert


Last week I wrote about steps you can take to gain awareness of your family’s digital footprint. Now that you’ve seen what’s out there on the internet about you and your family, it’s time to monitor. You can’t spend every day clicking through the Google search results for your name. So here is a method for putting Google to work for you!

Use Safe Search in Yahoo to filter out adult content


Do you remember a time before Google existed, when the World Wide Web was a wild frontier and Netscape 3.0 was the new revolutionary web browser? No? Then I must be much older than you! Well anyway, Yahoo ruled the roost back then and is still one of the top search engines. Yahoo also has a decent kid’s site making it a popular starting point for the young ‘uns. So let’s take a look at how to make searching in Yahoo just a bit safer.

How to Set Safe Search in Bing to filter out adult content


Do you use Bing? I don’t think Bing has become a verb the same way that Google has. I’ve never heard anyone say “let me Bing that”. Microsoft is trying to compete with Google for a bigger portion of the search market. They recently launched a site where you can compare a Google search with a Bing search side-by-side. It’s called – clever, right?

Kids Safe Searching: Bing and Yahoo beat Google

Default search setting in Safari on iPod, iPhone

I revisited this article, originally published last November, to see if there were any changes with safe search settings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I found that the results were the same: All three major search engines default to the moderate “Safe Search” setting, and you should change that to “strict” for the best results. Starting next week I’ll be adding step-by-step instructions for each search engine.

Google video: Safe Search for Images


I just stumbled upon a video that shows you the Safe Search settings for Google that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  This video is straight from the source, produced by the Google team.  While this video is specific to images, the safe search settings will apply to all your Google searches.  (But don’t forget to […]