Kids, teens and adults all love the fun and educational videos on YouTube. But there is some bad mixed in with the good. Here are some tips for a safer YouTube experience.

YouTube Kids App Review

YouTube kids

This is a review of Google’s new YouTube app for kids, called YouTube Kids. The app is a kid-friendly version of YouTube that shows only age appropriate videos. There are parental control features included such as the ability to set a time limit for viewing.

YouTube Safety Mode


Seems like all the kids these days like to search on YouTube for music videos, cute kitten videos, Minecraft videos, and just about every other kind of video. Some are instructional, some are educational, some are entertaining but many are just not okay for kids. Can parents prevent their kids from seeing inappropriate content on YouTube? Well, sort of.

5 Tips for Safer YouTube viewing


My daughter showed me a video on YouTube recently, posted by a 6th grader at her school. It was a parody of a popular song – completely harmless and kind of funny. But I had to wonder – do the boy’s parents know that he has an active YouTube channel with over 1,500 subscribers and over 200,000 video views? This had me thinking about YouTube safety, so I thought I’d share a few tips.