What is Omegle? Is Omegle okay for kids?

Omegle LogoHave you heard of the website Omegle? I hadn’t until a teenager mentioned it in a comment on another article.  I’ve also had several requests from concerned parents asking for a review.  Omegle is a website that allows you to chat with a random stranger.  So right away we have probably answered the question in the title of this post!  Omegle is not okay for kids – unless you are okay with your kids chatting with complete strangers. I’m guessing that you’re not.

Omegle has been around since 2008, with video chat added in 2009.  When you use Omegle you do not identify yourself through the service – chat participants are only identified as “You” and “Stranger”.  From there however, anything goes – certainly a chat participant may decide to give their name, location, age and other personal information.

I tried it a few times by clicking on the link to start chatting with a stranger.  The first thing I was asked was “asl” – meaning what is my age, sex and location.  I disconnected immediately from that chat! On the second test, I ended up in a brief chat with a young man, a software developer from India.  Well, that is what he said but that’s the thing – who really knows?

Another Be Web Smart reader did a test and shared the conversation with me:

Q: is this site safe for preteens?
Stranger 1: hahahahahahaha
Stranger 2: Wow
Stranger 1: send them to me pls

Are teens using Omegle?

A quick Google search helped me to answer this question.  A few clicks and I found text excerpts and videos on YouTube of teens sharing their stories of Omegle encounters.  One video was a teen girl’s story of how she met up with an Omegle chat buddy in person without her parents’ knowledge. Another particularly sicko video showed how someone scared teens on an Omegle video chat with his face made up similar to the Joker from the Batman movie (R.I.P. Heath Ledger).

Five reasons not to use Omegle

In case you’ve read this far and are still not quite convinced that Omegle is a bad idea, here are a few facts about privacy and how the Omegle service works:

1. The Omegle homepage clearly states that the service is not for those under 13: “Do not use Omegle if you are under 13. If you are under 18, use it only with a parent/guardian’s permission.”  I’m guessing that not too many 16 year olds are asking mom or dad for the okay.

2. You can connect Omegle to your Facebook account to find chat partners with similar interests.  When choosing this feature, an Omegle Facebook app will receive your Facebook “likes” and try to match you with a stranger with similar likes.  This action connects your Omegle use to Facebook, and Facebook friends could potentially see Omegle activity on your profile. (Although you can change that setting – highlighted below – to “Me Only” so that your Omegle activity is not shared).

Omegle connecting with Facebook

3. The Omegle privacy policy clearly states that the following information is saved on their servers for 120 days: “the time your chat began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag assigned to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag.”  While this data is used for law enforcement and to try to track and prevent spammers, note that you are willingly providing this information when using Omegle.

4. There are two video chat modes, monitored and unmonitored. Using video chat requires that your computer’s IP address is made available to the stranger’s computer:  “Omegle video chat requires a direct connection to be made between your computer and the other user’s computer…”

This is the warning received when initiating an unmonitored video chat:

Omegle Video warning 'Because this section is unmonitored, you are more likely to encounter sexual behavoir...'

5. At the end of an Omegle chat, users have the option to save the chat’s log and share the link. Therefore your conversation is not really private, and the contents of the chat including any personal information you might share can be sent to anyone without your knowledge.

Omegle sharing options
Omegle sharing options


How do I know if my teen is using Omegle?

You can take a look at the history in their web browser.  The shortcut Ctrl-H will open the browser history in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.  Then you can see what sites have been visited.  Keep in mind that savvy kids may know how to delete their browsing history.

You can also ask them.

How to Block Omegle and similar websites

I was curious to know if the parental control software I use on our family laptop would allow my daughter to visit the Omegle site.  We use Microsoft Live Family Safety and her account is filtered to only allow “General internet” websites, and no social media.  I logged in to her account (I have the password, of course) and WAS able to get to the Omegle website.  Not good! However, Live Family Safety gives me the ability to add any website to a block list.  I can log into my admin account and specify any websites that should not be allowed.  I did this right away to prevent Omegle from being available to my daughter.

Other services you can try for blocking specific websites include parental control filtering such as http://www.keepmyfamilysecure.com/ and http://www1.k9webprotection.com/, or browser add-ons such as BlockSite for Firefox and Chrome.


To sum it up, I generally think it’s a good idea to avoid websites that include a disclaimer like this one from Omegle’s home page:

Use Omegle at your own peril.


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  1. John says

    I’m glad to see sites like these that help parents stay up to date and familiar with the things available online that can be dangerous for kids. Omegle is an absolute no-no of course.

    What I’d like to see reviewed is the app called IM+. I’ve come to realize how this too should be on your list of reviews. Since it is available on almost all platforms and can be used for other services like MSN, Yahoo, etc., their Neighbor service is what worres me most.

    • Jean says

      Thanks John I’ll take a look and see if I can incorporate it into an upcoming review. (It was a comment just like yours that mentioned Omegle and asked if I could review it!)

      • cheska says

        im so scared!! I used omegle when my friend was over for a sleepover only teaxt and we lide about where we lived and everything ,please help im freaking out my mum last night was saying I don’t want to see you have been talking to stranger, u know what happens to girls that do and now im petrified

      • Jean says

        Hi cheska,
        You’ll probably be okay if this was just a one-time thing. Just remember the feeling you are having now and that might prevent you from going on a site like that again! You can always mention to your mom that you did go on the site but know it was a mistake, which might be better than her finding out some other way.

      • Royal says

        I think we should have a petition signed to make kik better and safer to use so we can get 1/5 of the omegle problem gone.People use kik and skpye the most to link for this

        then we should have omegle stop putting porn sites linked in their un moderated section.

        When they give you a count down to ask you to leave. They leave another sex cam site for you to go on if you do not leave.

    • Candy says

      Omegle is good for depression and someone to talk to all you have to do is find the right person yes there are some weird people but just two quick clicks and you can go right in to tthe next chat to have someone there to talk it out it helped me not commit suicide once I found a kind person in today’s society teens like me are annoyed if how overprotective parents can be even though they think I’m doing good for my kid your kid should already know good and this site has potential good and you could find someone enjoyable

      • Jean says

        Hi Candy, thanks for your message. For anyone feeling depressed to the point of suicide there are also online hotlines with people specially trained to help. This seems like a safer bet than random strangers; even if you can click around to avoid the “weird” people, you still never really know who you are communicating with, even those on video. http://www.youmatter.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/home/get-help/

    • karen says

      I am also freaking out I told him my age,sex and where do I come from and he turned out to be a pervert do so i disconnected what should I do ? can he do anything with only these infromation ??! I didn’t connect to fb and it wasn’t video so what should I do? nothing can be done with that information, right?

      • Jean says

        Unless you provided an exact street address, I wouldn’t worry too much. You should be aware that text chats can be saved, so you should definitely be careful when on these types of sites…perhaps stay off them altogether! As you have discovered there are “perverts” lurking about with no way for you to know who you are actually chatting with.

      • sheila says

        you should be fine as long as you diddent give a street address .just remember don’t give out any of your own personal info

  2. Emma says

    I’m 15 and was wondering about this website. It sounded like something that might be fun. Anyway after reading this article I’m thinking not so much… so it’s not just parents your informing.

    • Emma says

      Okay so I’ve done some but here’s what happened. “Your connected to a random stranger, say hi!” so I say hi. Next thing you know “stranger has disconnected” so…

      • Jean says

        Hi Emma,
        Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to hear you found the information useful.

    • Sofi says

      You’re right. I’m 11 (lol) and I wanted to create an Omegle because my idol Toby Turner (from Youtube) was going to be on Omegle. I googled this first because I wanted to see if there was a chance I could meet him, but I decided against it. I’ll save my money for Vidcon 😉

    • Kayla Carson says

      Hey Emma I’m 16 and it is a very cool website because as soon as someone gets “weird” you can press Stop and they are gone. This is just paranoid old people and psycho parents. Jean sounds like my mum – just taking stuff off you to piss you off lol. Plus there is a first time for everything so give it a try and if you don’t like it, don’t go on again :)

  3. bob says

    ummmmm… i went on omegle and all i saw was naked men. i will never go there again and for all of the kids that go on omegle, dont go on. it is bad for the soul

    • Madison says

      There are weird people cause I typed in dogs and a hairy man in a bathtub was almost naked he took off the cloth (down below) and I was almost was screaming In fear!

  4. Gronne says

    I tried omelge and they don’t stop asking for asl it is horrible. I only was able to talk to someone correcly once every 100 talks! Don’t let children go into that site!

      • Jay says

        I am not condoning that anyone use, or don’t use, Omegle, but the ASL question is almost a standard way for an adult to find out if they are talking to another adult, or to a child. I suppose there are adults that cruise for teenagers, but personally, I want to talk to another adult and I want to know right away if the other person is a child or a teen so I can AVOID any conversation, of any kind, with them. That’s just me. I can’t speak for anyone else.

  5. Mike says

    [Editor’s Note – this comment has been edited as there are just some things I prefer not to appear this site]
    Ok, this is the scoop, If you are a guy on omegle you are basically looking to chat with a girl, any girl and will eventually ask her to show you —– or more and if they say yes the guy will most likely show his —-. If you are a girl on omegle you are either looking for a guy that will ——– while they show their “goods” or just looking for a cool person to chat with…girls are more likely to not be there for a sexual connection. On occasion you will find preteen girls, some with a friend, usually having sleepovers.. Some of these girls 10-12 are savvy and know terminology no 10-12 yo should know… Next there are the gamers. Usually guys who use a 3rd party software cam that will display images, screen grabs, videos or created .gif files made in photoshop.. these .gif files ask viewers to indicate there willingness to play by typing name or waving.. once a girl has indicated her willingness to play, the screen will then change to one that asks them to perform different acts…mostly sexual in nature for an accumulation of points… 80% stop before it gets to the nudity but others will finish game which will include full nudity as well as ——-…If you hear the words omegle or chatroulette spoken by your young teen or friends…intervene immediately, nothing good will come of it…

    • Jean says

      I almost didn’t approve this comment to appear on the site but felt that some readers might want to know these examples of what exactly goes on using Omegle.

    • Anonymous says

      I am 35, and I just found out about my 14 yo using Omegle. After reading about this site and your comment, I wholeheartedly AGREE! This 17 yo boy I found her talking to from Omegle, after I confronted him on KIK, he prefers to be friends with me instead of her. ::sick:: I am not one of those types of people who is interested in her daughters’ boyfriends. Sites like Omegle should be more secure somehow, and shoult NOT be for kids under 18 WITH OR WITHOUT parent permission.

  6. Lewis says

    I am a 15 year old guy and personally I think that you are being too paranoid about how you keep your daughter off certain things. If she is under the age of say 13 I would agree that you would want to stop sites such as omegle but at such an age she most likely wouldn’t stumble upon it anyway. I myself use omegle a lot and I find that if you type in your interests (which does not need to be conected to facebook)you can get some genuinely good conversations out of it.

    • anon says

      i agree though they CAN be really dangerous. who knows? what abut all those pedos? i bet omegle’s a great place for them!i myself am 13 & was briefly considering creating an omegle account {for like, 10 seconds}& i have decided that i will wait until i feel myself mature enough.

      • Paige says

        My best friend has kik and like a lot of other apps where you talk to people you don’t know ( I don’t remember the names of the apps) but she talks to some weird guys and she always tells me that I should get it but I never do because apps and websites like this are creepy, you never know who could be on there looking for 13 year old girls. My mom always tells to be careful and to be safe, I know that she would NOT let me have apps like Kik and ect. So I don’t get them.

      • john says

        yeah, really good decision anon and jean is right, be web smart everyone!! don’t go to omegle because i experienced it, and it was a girl, who was saying asl and i? just disconnected and logged off my computer

  7. Lorenzo says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a parent allow know and allow their children to be on Omegle. Lets face it, Omegle is used for the “strangers” sexual desires. It is not a place for your children to visit. If you do not physically type in your interests before going into a video chat, then you should be prepared to see plenty of sexual content. I’m not saying that Omegle is completely inappropriate; sometimes it can be harmless, for example one time I used Omegle to find people who wanted to play an online game called “Minecraft” with me. I simply typed in Minecraft as my interest, then went into a text chat (to avoid seeing any possible sexual content.) and chatted away and i eventually found some people to play with. So to sum this all up, Omegle can be perfectly safe if you make your non-sexual interests clear, and go in to text chat and you might possibly find very good people :)

  8. Maggie says

    I found omegle when I was about 11 on another website, and my friends and I decided to try it out. Needless to say, it really scared me as I didn’t know half of what they said anyway. I remembered that this morning and looked it up ( I’m 15 now) and tried it out again. it’s still definitely not for kids but I did have one interesting conversation

  9. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for the info on this site! Do you know how I can block the omegle site, or others like it, from my sons ipod touch using the wifi in our home? Is there a parental control filter that can go on the entire internet usage coming into my home?

    • Jean says

      Hi Elizabeth, there are a few ways you could do that. You could use settings on your router to restrict certain sites, check with the website for your particular router for instructions. Other options are “kid-safe” browsers for iPod touch that can be installed, and remove Safari browser. Many of these kid-safe browsers allow you to restrict certain websites. This is also helpful for when your son is using his iPod away from home. You can look at a few of the options here: http://www.bewebsmart.com/ipod-ipad-iphone/kid-safe-browsers/

      • James says

        Another thing that can be done is to call your ISP (internet service provider). And they usually have ways to block websites by name or even content. Although this won’t help if they connect to some other wifi connection. But it is always smart to be safe, and with this method you can ask your ISP to place a pin number onyour account when you call in to be verified so no one else can make unauthorized changes.

  10. Mark90 says

    I use it sometimes. I know two girls along with I’m keeping in chat via mail or skype. Yes, we share photo too, and photo doesn’t mean naked-photo. Showing your face doesn’t kill you.

    Yes, like every place (your real neighborhood too) there are all kinds of person. Nice persons, pedos, just weirdos… Everything. You need to be smart, just as in real life. About the asl thing. Is it horrible? I don’t like that beacause it’s rude, but asking about the age of a person is not bad at all. For example, I ask the age too every time (I say hi first), beacause if the “stranger” is too old or too young for me, i just say bye and stop the chat immediatly. So, asking asl, is rude, but also smart and doesn’t make you a monster.

    I don’t understand all these articles about specific web services. A parent should simply check on their childern activity every time, and let their know that never they should give away pic, personal infos, etc… to strangers. It’s the “don’t take candies from strangers” web version. And that is always true for every site, beacause there is not such thing as a “safe site”. Not only for kids, for adults too.

    When I’ll be a parent, I will be much more worried about real life risks. Because keeping kids under control online is extremely easy, but in real life, everything and everyone can be a treat.

    PS: just another thing: “preteens”? There is no reason at all a young kid have to surf online alone. It’s like giving them a remote with a full cable tv subscription. !? Just ridicoulos and dangerous under every aspect. So let teens (not babies) have their notebooks and surf alone, they’re not idiots. Just check on them and keep them “informed” about every risk. (scams, phishings,virus, malwares… too)

  11. Jinx says

    I’m 10 and I’m ALWAYS on Omegle. I know that there is a bunch of guys that show there ——-, I just disconnect. (And yes I have seen some of those ——-) But I ignore it. Also… If your daughter is not allowed on any social sites, that means no Dating Sites, Youtube, Free Realms, Minecraft, Facebook, Twitter, Roblox, and a bunch of more games, social networks, and a BUNCH more. I mean, theres this point where she is going to need a facebook because her friends at school asked, “What’s your name on Facebook (Or anything like I sad in the top)” And your daughters reply is going to be, “I’m not allowed on sites like that.” And her friends are probaly NOT going to be he friends anymore because they can’t socially interact with her on line! I mean, I’m 10 and I have. youTube, Facebook, Free realms, Twitter, abd the rest! so you need to give your daughter some freedom to be her age, and not treat her like shes a 6 year old!

    • UPSET MOM says

      There’s No need for a 10 year old to be on a chat site for one. The only reason a 10 year old should be on the computer is doing work at school, or at home supervised,but kids now a days think that they need some So Called Freedom..but that’s not keeping them from viewing Adults showing their Privates online, I’m sure they don’t look before they disconnect,I did’nt allow my daughter to be on sites like this because of all the perverts online, even Facebook has Lots of perverts, Does your mother/Father know your on those sites even this one, it clearly states 13 and over, kids know a days think they need all this internet stuff, what happen to go playing with your friends outside or reading a book, now little kids have cellphones etc, its ridiculous, it’s crazy you say your on those sites, I would NEVER, if you want to chat with someone, go talk to your brothers,sisters, friends, at home or on a regular home line, instead of being ONLINE with Strangers Chatting of god knows what,Haven’t you seen the Tv show about online Predators pretending to be little kids how do you know your even talking to someone your age, because you don’t!! and another thing to be up all night on this thing is outrageous Iv’e seen some 9 year olds on the site and I only got on to see what it was about,which I didn’t like getting Spammed by other sites about pornography or dating sites,or wanting you to see them doing sexual things, So I don’t understand How you can be on this, your just needing attention from the wrong people.

      • Anonymous says

        Thank you for that comment. You took the words right out of my mouth. Amen! No KID should be using these things to connect with strangers! That is why so many young kids are being kidnapped, raped or even killed these days.

      • says

        I’m 11 and I find that completely unreasonable! A ten year old does not need a Facebook! And I have never heard of friends who ditch them because they don’t have Facebook. You do not need to be on those sites!

      • Anon says

        Calm down upset mom. Gosh, parents these days act like they don’t remember wanting freedom when they were teens. U all just hate social networking because u don’t understand it.

    • emily says

      yeah 10 year olds still should be playing outside or with dolls or maybe working on your school work. I went on when i was 15 and i regret it so much now and please neverrrr send nudes!!!

    • smart gal says

      Yikes. Clearly a fine example of the current generation, speeding their way to the narcissistic bottom. I, I, me, me. Read a book. Actually DO something constructive with your time. Learn something. Lose the gadgets & time wasting gab. What a bore you already are!!! Never mind the “not allowed” cop-out. Think for yourself and try “I’m not interested. Besides, why should the gov’t know everything I say and do? I like my privacy.” You’re not too young to be sentient.

    • Ellen says

      Jinx, you don’t really think anyone believes you are 10, right?! Whoever you are, and however old you are, stop giving out ridiculous advice. If you truly are 10 (and I’m pretty doubtful) you are too precocious for your age. Be careful.

  12. Pippy says

    My daughter (just 15) told me recently about Omegle. we have a good relationship and she is fairly open with me (I think!) about what she does etc . She likes Omegle and says she had some great chats (non sexual) with people. However, having read your review I really don’t like the sound of it. My dilemma is, if I block it … I guess she won’t be as quick the next time to tell me what she’s up to. trust is a fine line. I’ve warned her about giving any identifying info and to never ever arrange to meet anyone from it, but still it’s scary to think of what goes on there or who might be on there … and no doubt there are lots more similar sites that I haven’t even heard of. parenting teenagers is hard!

    • Jean says

      Hi Pippy,
      I hear you! I think if you have a good open relationship with your daughter that goes a long way. Just thinking that she came to you to tell you about it, could be taken as she has nothing to hide and hopefully that’s true! I guess I would just be wary of any unusual behavior, depression or withdrawing that could be a sign of her feeling uncomfortable with something she encountered online.

    • Trina says

      If your daughter is sharing that with you, it sounds like she trusts you and is trying to be open and honest with you. If she told you about it and said she is not doing anything like that, and you block it, you WILL lose her trust. If you have informed her of the dangers and you give your daughter credit for having intelligence and common sense (and I hope you do), it doesn’t sound like you have anything to worry about. People do meet on the Internet nowadays, so there’s no guarantees she won’t ever want to meet someone she’s met online. Just make sure she knows how to be safe and only meets them in a well-lit public place in the daytime, or that you accompany her, or at least a friend or sibling or someone does. Heck, I know a woman that’s married to a man she met on the Internet. It’s the world we live in.

      Honestly, I think a lot of parents have it in their heads that the pre-teen and teen years are going to be “difficult” and THEY start acting weird the minute you turn a certain age and then decide things like “parenting teenagers is hard”. Your kids are not going to do anything through the Internet that they wouldn’t do in real-life. The kids who behave the worst and get into the most trouble are the ones with overprotective parents. Don’t be one.

    • lion hunter says

      Don’t let your daughter stray to far from the herd because the lions will get her. it’s just a matter of time and and opportunity. It doesn’t matter what side of the argument you choose. Teens will do what they want, it’s your job to educate them and make them strong to withstand the sodomites. If you keep them in the dark, they’ll find out the hard way and with 10 years of counseling maybe they will be good as new. Parents you need to channel that fear that pedos are out to get your kids and talk about the dangers, situations that might occur and how to bit end up in those situations and possible exit strategies, teach them to be loud and to always fight back. The kids that get away are the loud ones that fight back. The quiet end up dead, missing, sold off, I or worse…apprentices to these sickos.

  13. ScannonB says

    I use Omegle on occasion if I am bored, it is rare that you have a decent conversation. One thing I don’t understand is if you people are on there just to chat, how can someone be “too old” or “too young” for you to speak with? In any case young people should be interacting with the real world, not scoping through a load of very inappropriate people online. Facebook is just as bad, it causes nothing but arguments.

  14. Isaac K says

    I disagree with this. Omegle does have monitored chat. I doubt that people join chats intentionally to have privates flashed at them. It is not a site for children. But if your kids play any game over voice chat. Then they have already pretty much experienced 99% of the inappropriate things Omegle holds. People who uncover themselves inappropriately in monitored chat will always be found and banned from the site.

  15. adrienne says

    I’m sixteen and you have to remember that omegle wasn’t created with the intention of being a site that allows people to be less inhibited. It’s what you make of it really. What you need to do instead of prohibiting kids from accessing social networking sites such as these is to educate them into what is appropriate and not appropriate, this will also help in encouraging them not to be secretive with you. A little conversation won’t harm but personal details is a nono. Sexual topics if you are underage is a nono. I’ve personally had lots of interesting conversations (mostly with other teenagers) on omegle and I’ve kept safe because I don’t reveal anything too personal or keep in contact with the strangers- though ultimately this is your own perogative. –sincerely, a kid’s perspective. (Yeah. We get bored easily- omegle is just another way to pass time)

  16. Britt says

    I go on omegle very often, I’m 16 years old. I use it to meet people with similar interests, that’s it. If people are making me uncomfortable, I disconnect. I only do video because it’s easier to identify if someone is saying they’re someone they really aren’t.

  17. Jessica says

    Hello, I’m 13, and Omegal sounded fun. But, my parents have informed me of the “internet safety” rules inside, and out. I understand that people are very deceivable and can track your messages, mail. Anything, I was just wondering if people can track you from the messages. I know one of my parents friend’s, he can track people’s messages back to there address, to where he has all information about this person. But, all and all, I am scared of the site. I want to inform people of what I do if the say “asl” I say: “You first.” And if they answer with there age, older. I disconnect. :) Thank you!

    P.S. A.S.L means American Signe Language, how did we come up with that?! Ha!

    • kevin says

      Yes you can be tracked via your IP. The best thing you can do is dont give people a reason to track you. Websites track ppl all the time, look at your cookies, track location, the list goes on and on. Also, never click on links given to you through any service like that as they can inadvertently lead to malware, viruses, or malicious redirects. Use your best judgment.

  18. Hyena says

    Who cares if you go on certain websites?

    Is your child really going to not go on it since you blocked it? It just gives them more of an objective to go on it.

    They’ll go on it some day.

  19. A concerned mother says

    This is an awful website that my 12 year old daughter went on because her friend had said it had funny videos and games on it. Once she had chosen the video option a man appeared playing with himself on the camera he then threatened my daughter to take her clothes off she was petrified and did as he asked he then informed her that he had recorded it all. We contacted the police and they said there was nothing they could do as they could not retrieve his IP address so please DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN ON THIS SITE.

    • robert sult says

      First of all, thank you for this site. 2nd I agree with DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN ON THIS SITE.
      Even with the best of blocking, sometimes things do go wrong.
      Just learned my 9, 10 year old was on the site at their mothers. They told me what they saw.

      Ya, I came unglued. But went to the site to see. OMG I was not on that site for more the 5 min. seen a lot of people 6 of which was body parts 3 of them masturbating. It’s not a site for Kids or anyone with morals.

      This type of site needs age verification. Very SICK SITE.

    • someone who has a clear head says

      well what your child should have done was say no and PRESS THE GIANT FREAKIN DISCONNECT BUTTON

    • Aid says

      I am only 11, and have many times considered going on this site to find people to talk with about my interests. But after reading this, I am afraid to try. as I read through these comments I thought “I’d only talk to people who liked TWD, MC, ect.” But I’m afraid of what I will find with just those topics.

  20. Ivy says

    I went on here and experienced some awful things, I thought it was a program for others to talk about themselves, like KIK. But no. I would advise you not to go on here it’s a really bad website. Please

  21. Average teen says

    Personally, i think all sites are about the same, kik,instagram,omegle,facebook,youtube, etc are all equally unsafe. that being said real life is also unsafe. if your child’s name is written on their backpack, anyone can see it and trick them into thinking they know them. parents who drive around with the stickers on their cars showing the number of family members/ages of said family members in their household are broadcasting that information to EVERYONE who drives past them (pedophiles actually look for that type of thing). by not broadcasting personal information (both online and off) you make yourself safer. i think as long as you limit the personal information you give out online and disconnect or block someone when you feel uncomfortable these sites are as safe as this one (in which i’ve given only an email i use exclusively for making accounts on websites that i do not share my name, age, or other personal information. note that i have also not shared my real name)

    • Sofi says

      Not really. At least not Instagram, Youtube, and Kik. First, Instagram. If you make your account private, only people you approve can see the pictures you post and you only see pictures you want to see. Youtube is safe as long as the channel is on “Private Setting” mode. It protects all your information and putting your age in your Youtube channel, helps THEM block videos that are inappropriate. Last, Kik. Kik is a chat, but you can pick and choose the people you chat with. You ask your friend “What’s your Kik?” They will give you a username and you look for it. Send them a contact request. Once they accept, you can chat with them. It’s like Skype only that Kik is for smart-phone, tablet etc. etc. use.

  22. Ryan says

    hi I am ryan and I use Omegal a lot with my friends and have for awhile I am 14 and see 6 year girls and boys and younger go on this site it is a site to get to know people it is really fun though people abuse it by showing parts.

  23. Andrew Howie says

    I commend what you are doing here. I have sat and watched my parents struggle with new technology so its good that you are giving them their own web content. That alone should get them online and finding out stuff. Keep it up!

    • Jean says

      Thank you Andrew. It can be challenging trying to keep up with all the changes in technology and social media – at any age!

  24. Joshua says

    Jean, a few things I’d like to add. I’m 16, and though I happen to be more technically savvy than most minors, I can tell you almost everyone knows how to delete mobile or desktop internet browser history. And many also know how to use inPrivate Browsing (Incognito in Chrome) so the browser doesn’t save history or cookies. You may want to stress more avidly the chance that browser history will not account for a child’s mischievous browsing habits.

    • Jean says

      Hi Joshua, yes that is a good point. It isn’t too difficult to figure out how to delete one’s browsing history so parents should definitely keep that in mind. That is where a parental control software or kid-safe browser can help.

  25. Jessica says

    Get the website of the internet it is disgusting to here that my 12 year old sister was told to go on there by her 12 year old friend because it was funny, to then see men nude touching themselves asking them to show inappropriate parts of their bodies! The site doesn’t even recommended to put in forms of I.D so that it is not allowed use of anyone under 18, this site has never been permitted in our house and has only ever been on the history when the friend stayed, but then again how does the friend know of the site.. The website ‘omegle’ and similar sites should either be banned or changed to keep children safe from the disgusting men on the internet. Computers are banned in our house now until something is done or with adult supervision.
    It is sickening to know that the site allows this to happen, my family and I are taking this very serious and are taking this further .

    • Koz says

      I must diagree. You are telling your children forcefully not to go on a said site, because grown men are disguting? For one, video chat is optional, and can be toggled for different types of chat. Two, anyone over the age of 13 may go on the site with parents advisory/approval. You are teaching your children men are disgusting if they use the internet. You simply need to make sure your daughters friend knows that’s wrong, and that not everyone on Omegle is like that. You are blowing things out of proportion.

      • Jean says

        I think you’re making a bit of a leap here – I don’t think this commenter is saying that “all men are disgusting if they use the internet”. Perhaps only the ones who get their thrills touching themselves while 12-year old girls watch. A parent’s job is to protect and educate their children. Guarding them from pedophiles falls into that category. And certainly not all who use Omegle take their clothes off; but why take the risk?

  26. Adrian123 says

    you’re all downers. Yes I realize the point you are stressing about omegle, but you must be reasonable. omegle is not going anywhere anytime soon. there’s 35-50k people on there everyday. you’re blowing this all out of proportion just because your little angels got an owie. I hear you saying that adults should “monitor” their children online. well where were you when that happened? whats going to happen the next time you “look away”? If you ask me, just deal with it in your own way. don’t go online and make mountains out of mole hills.

    • Jean says

      Parents are trying to deal with it in their own way, and this site is all about education for parents so they can come up with solutions. There is certainly good and bad on the internet, just like in life. For parents who did not grow up in this digital culture, there is a bit to learn.

  27. Takako_sempai says

    I went on Omegle for the first time a few days ago. I believe I went through quite a few people before finally being able to have a decent conversation with a young man from Germany. The next evening the same thing and I was finally able to have a decent conversation with a man from NY. Most people on there are looking for erotic chat. The very first person I talked to on Omegle was a 12 year old boy who wanted to trade nude pictures. Like I’ve seen mentioned before, if you’re willing to sift through the garbage you may end up having a good conversation with someone interesting. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under 18 unless supervised by an adult.

  28. Koz says

    Listen, I can agree that Omegle is not safe for kids (let’s say 6-12) But for normal people, if raised correctly, can be for any age. I go by a quote from Mark Twain, “Censorship is telling a grown man he is not allowed to eat a steak, because a baby cannot chew it”. I believe if children, of any age comprehensible of knowledge, should be able to use Omegle, and any chat program. Showing them these things early can raise them to be normal, and babying children spoils and ruins them. Kids should learn from mistakes, and be left alone SOMETIMES to things they must understand are not alright, or socially acceptable.

  29. Kathleen says

    I know about almost all of the websites that you write about. I’m 13 and my parents have been letting me just use my descretion now a days instead of snooping. I think (not just because I’m a minor) that you should teach your kids to be safe, but let them go on by themselves. It seems like the best method to me because I’ve lived and learned alot on the Internet and after browsing for a little while people get the main idea of what and what not to do.

  30. An Informing Preteen says

    I have seen many comments saying bad things about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, and other similar sites.

    On Facebook: I think if your child is only friends with family and friends, they should be ok. There are also You Tubers and celebs that have Facebooks and it should be ok for kids to be friends with them too as long as they almost 100% sure that it is the real account because there are a lot of fanpages (if your child wants to like the fanpage and follow the info about that person then discuss it with them first) and fake accounts, try to be sure based on the pics posted (if not set to private then people who are not friends can still se posts by that person and posts on their wall) and profile pic.

    On Twitter: kids should be ok as long as, just like Facebook, they are following friends, family, You Tubers, or celebs. My thoughts on Twitter are the same as my thoughts on Facebook except

    On Instagram: just like Facebook and Twitter, my following suggestions on following is the same. Mist thoughts are the same (not including the last ones) except that on Instagram you can only post pics and add captions saying what you are doing or what is in the pic.

    On YouTube: you have to be sure that your kid is not subscribing to anybody that may post a bid that is not what you want your child watching. You can watch bids on YouTube with out an account (which does not cost, nor does it cost to subscribe). Subscribing to channels is a thing you can only do if you have an account. YouTube will alert you in some way to tell you that a mew video has been posted on a channel that you have subscribed to.

    I know that there are a lot of dirty sites out there but if your child uses them correctly and does there best to avoid the pervs, then you shouldn’t block her/him from them. Esspically if they are above the legal age limit.

    I do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube,or similar sites because I am too young (I am 12) but when I turn 13 I will hopefully get accounts.

    Not all sites are terrible or inappropriate for kids to be on. I just hope that everybody follows the rules and doesn’t lie about their age because that is trackable by the site owner

    Thank you for reading!!

  31. Interesting says

    I came across this while looking up Omegle and I think that while the stance parents are putting out there to try and look after their kids by blocking sites gives them a sense of security about their kids.
    There are two huge flaws however with this approach to things
    A. Most of these website blockers are easily bypassed by proxies.
    B. When most parents were little here there was no internet. But there was still danger e.g. Getting hit by a car, Getting stabbed etc. but when dealing with these you don’t just tell your kid to stay inside all day wearing bubble wrap.
    You just tell them not to run in front of cars in the first place.
    As with internet, blocking websites protects your children SOMEWHAT yes but just teaching kids from a young age to be wary of strangers and to not give any personal details is much better.
    My parents have had this approach with me for the last 15 years of my life, Not because they don’t care about me. Because they trust me to not be an idiot and go around shouting my address.
    In Short: Yes there is risks in life but they’re everywhere, Sugarcoating your child’s life works in the short term. But when they leave the nest it’s going to be much harsher on them when they find out in fact that the world isn’t the sugarcoated bubble their parents had put them in.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for your input. I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t think we’re talking about “sugarcoating”, we’re talking about setting limits as parents. Blocking sites only goes so far, I do agree, there must be education to go along with it. In your example you say there are still dangers such as getting hit by a car, getting stabbed. There is danger everywhere. Parents baby-proof the home so children don’t stick their fingers into the electric sockets, because babies don’t understand that is dangerous. Once parents observe that they can follow rules of safety, they remove the little plastic plugs from the sockets. So blocking potentially unsafe websites could be looked at the same way.

    • Zora says

      This stuff is really scaring me! I am only in middlr school. I never heard of Omegle from anywhere. Lets just say I will never use it…

  32. Bruce says

    Hi Jean greetings from chile! I couln’t stop from reading all the comments on here ^-^, When i will refer to ‘kids’ will be older than 10 cuz Im convinced that younger kids shall not be allowed on the internet at least not alone, never alone, I have to say Im 17 and discovered omegle like two years before, but what made me write this reply was comments like those of UPSET MOM, emily, smart gal & specially the one who did jessica (the last one) talking about ban or modify omegle so it can be secure for kids, im sure they’re all just worried moms and that Ill never feel or understand how worried you can be about what your daughter/son can be viewing in the web, but really omegle is popular among teens and thesite says clearly +13 what did Koz said with the steak example resumes what I believe about banning that kind of sites, the video option on omegle Clearly says “Unmonitored Section – Monitored Section” and states that the unmonitored one may have sexual content so if your kid clicked the unmonitored section and saw a nasty guy then its your fault as a parent for not advicing him about nasty stuff on the web, THERE ARE GOING TO BE PERVERTS ON EVERY SITE YOUR KID USE! Because thats what pedophiles search for sites that kids use so following that logic or your kid should be without any internet conection or you should teach him/her to be aware of perverts (not strangers) not all the strangers on omegle or the web are sick people they should know that and “they also should know that no matter in wich page they are, they’re free to go away/disconnect each time they feel uncomfortable” blocking almost all webpages in your house so your kid can barely enter at educative pages or a couple of non multiplayer games will not make him vulnerable or harder to depend on himself as if you did the same but in real life, but of course will affect his childhood if most of his friends have more freedom in the web, I started using internet at 11-12 and I never was monitored not even asked by my parents of what i was doing on the web, they never looked at my web history (wich I personally find a completely wrong action of parents, im sure that if you had a personal diary you wouldn’t like anyone including your parents but anyone looking at what you write in it because its your only private log appart from your mind) i ALWAYS had my admin account in my computer with my password that only I knew, that didnt make me more vulnerable to perverts, it didnt make me do something wrong so please parents stop making so much noise about it, spend more time understanding your kid than understanding how works the web filter, the best I can say with all the sleep i have now is that the trust & the communication is the best security you can have with your son, because its not only about what hes doing on the web but its about how he feels about you, he will know you’re over-monitoring it and the trust in you will decrease i know because i have friends that happened that and look my parents trust on me so much that they never even asked me what i was doing on the web, I was the one that told them sometimes when i feeled i wanted or needed to, so thats like 200% better than oversecuring your kid with web protection, history and stuff that of course give you a complete view and control of what he does but also breaks your relationship between you and him and between him and the rest of kids, Im proud that because of that freedom they gived me Im far more smart in computer related stuff that my friends-classmates i know because those i know that are monitored restricted or limited by their parents barely know how to sign in sites or search what they need but if they have a problem like in windows, linux, android etc they dont know how to solve it or how to use the full potential of their devices and like in real life if you lived long and lots of things then youre more experienced at solving and be aware of problems and potential damage, apart from that please dont compare internet with real life because theire 2 complete different things, i know for those parents who are not familiarized with internet should be difficult to ‘adapt’ but consider this; dont adapt yourself to the internet but let your kid adapt to the internet and you adapt to your kid, it will be easy for them as they have friends that does too and internet is already part of the newest generations so restricting this to them is cutting a part of their lifes, a part that for the rest of their friends will be there, now sorry because im making so much noise about it, cuz once they have +14 etc they probably will not be horrorified with perverts but disgusted at them so from that on worry even less about their safety on the web, now lets back at omegle discussion >.16, m, usa trust in your kid, he will do the same with you with time> teach him good things like your parents might did with you but not the same way as they are different generations this are newer times> have a happy-friendly relationship with your kid, let them breath but always be there for them when they need you> let them have a bit of privacy im sure you had it when young, probably not the same way but again they are not replicas of your childhood, warn them about the dangers of the internet without satanizing the whole web, im sure they’ll have a better connection with you if you do like this ^-^ you should have less to worry about then :-) I hope my message would help someone outside there. Bye!

    • alex says

      i agree, you do get pervets everywhere. even on child friendly websites like club penguin and the likes. what stops an adult signing up then chatting with your children eh?

  33. sam says

    i read trough all of these and i have been on omegle a bunch of times but it may get kinda sexual so i just clicked the disconnect button and you have ur choice!!! :)

  34. steph says

    a site where strangers can talk to one another. it is merely your decision to whether or not you want to give out persona information.

  35. Julia says

    I walked in on my 14 year daughter this evening at 7:30 and she was on Omegle.com. There was a male asking her to remove her clothing. I have never heard of this site until today. I am horrified at what I have found out about this so called 14 and over website.
    Oh…..yes and the police department is on the way to my home to take a report!!!
    I have spoken to my daughter over and over about the importance of internet safety and she is a good kid, honor roll. I also monitor her history nightly. She does not have administrator permission to delete. I have to believe that this is an isolated incident, but I have my doubts.
    I am going to take serious actions against this website and more importantly with my daughter to protect her and further educate about the dangers that are out there.

    • Kala says

      Yes, you should. I 100% agree. You know why ( no one is going to believed me). Because I knew Amanda Todd. I can’t let anyone expose themselves like she did.

      You are a wonderful parent I believed.

  36. Jean says

    A TV reporter in Portland, Maine is doing a story on internet dangers for kids, and is hoping to talk with a family who has had a particularly bad experience with Omegle or a site like it. If you have a teen or know a teen or family who might want to share their story, please let me know by replying to this post or send me a message and I can put you in touch. Please share this with others! (Don’t have to be in Maine, anywhere in the US is okay)

  37. Brad says

    I like omegle to be honest but i do see where you are coming from and it is dangerous but i have found nice people on there with certain interests put into the interests but i wouldn’t reccomend it

  38. Random person says

    I heard about omegle a while ago and I went on it a few weeks ago and it is horrible. I think that you could go on Omegle if you are doing it with a friend and you put the same thing in the interest bar but, thats what Skype is for. I got a Kik account so I could message my friends but one day some random person messaged me demanding pictures of me. I asked who it was and they said I was talking to them on Omegle. I don’t recall going on Omegle a few minutes ago. Either my brother is messing with me or if somebody knows my Kik and told somebody on Omegle. I think people who are younger than 18 or 13 stay off of Omegle. It is a dangerous place and home to pedos.

  39. Ashraf says

    The interesting thing about Omegle, as with any social media site, is that you’re only as safe as how much you decide to disclose. If handled safely (a text-only chat not revealing personal info), then it is of little risk to a teenager. I have little sympathy for the parents here blaming the website following “a horrifying encounter” when in truth it is they who have failed in properly educating their children on making the correct decisions. And instead of saying “don’t let your kid on here at all costs!”, I’m going to say, “share the horror stories with them”. They are WAY more likely to change their behavior when they actually agree with the principle themselves. And remember that they may not see you as a credible source if you’re not tech-savvy, so be prepared to back up your point with specific examples and not just general statements.

  40. No I'm not stupid I was taught well says

    Okay so shall I start my typing. I’m 13 and I use omegle whenever I feel bored, and yes after I’ve gone outside read a book done homework etc. now I use omegle on my iPod. No my parents are not invasive of checking history everyday blah blah blah. They just give me short reminders of safe Internet use. Believe me I’m a smart kid for my age. Made honors every year get a’s in every subject. I was brought up and told that I should be aware of what I post onto the net and the strangers on it and also be wary of strangers in real life. The thing is I wouldn’t know what it’d like being a mom and will never know. But I think that you should have trust in your relationship not just checking your kids history every time they use the net. If you feel the need to once a week. By all means go ahead. The key issue isn’t the site or the perverts which you find in every social media site. Maybe just maybe it was that small reminder every now and then that many parents don’t do, yet check they’re kids history and then tell then what they’re doing is wrong when it might be too late. I’m just saying we teens should be given enough trust by the time we hit 13. We should know and must know our responsibilities that are now on our shoulders and forever will be and be knowledgeable of safe net use. Just from a teens pov.

    Also I don’t think anyone before 18 should be using video chat that’s utterly dumb and kids before 13 shouldn’t be using omegle or any social media sites without parental knowledge. Also don’t blame it on the website or people there’s that disconnect button in the corner and they say a give they’re warnings. You also don’t have to put fb interests. Hope I helped somehow. ^^

    By: a kid who won’t give out his name that uses social media sites accordingly

  41. Caleb says

    I use omegle only when I’m bored and I just lie about my age and name and all that stuff I mean if you know how to avoid stuff then it’s good I only do the text part no video at all

  42. READ THIS says

    I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to leave a comment on the kik article so I left one here. Honestly, its called being responsible. Not all kids are responsible but those who you KNOW have the smarts to know what not to do, then let them carry on their merry way. Do you really think kids are dumb enough to reply to a pedofile? Especially, when they openly say dirty stuff? Also, about Omegle, kids lie and change their age while submitting the form to make an account on Omegle so there is a likely chance they’ll lie to the person who asked about ‘asl’! Or they wont even reply. Ive knownn how to delete my browser history on a computer since I was 5. My phone for at least two years and my kindlefire on the very first day I got it. Why do you think us kids are dumb? Why do you think. ‘Oh they’re kids they don’t know anything’? You say stuff like ‘YOURE STILL LEARNING YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING’ but honestly its YOU who doesn’t know anything because in case you haven’t noticed, his world is changing. WE are grouping up in this world. YOU grew up in a different world. YOURE grown and already have your mind set on the old world. WE know our world better than you think. WE’VE realized that the world is a bit more different than how it used to be. It’s. YOU who doesn’t get that the world is changing-that is HAS changed. You just don’t. You think its suppposer to remain the same but it never will. You think being prepared to be on your own is being set for a job but its not. I transferred to two different schools and no matter what the teachers always said that MY grade (7th grade) was the problematic. We had the most drama. We were the most rebellious. That’s because for so long we have been told one thing, but did you know that in 7th grade you actually see some of the world? And it is so different from what you have always told us. It always will be. Stop trying to change the world back the old ways. My age group is weird because they didn’t have the same problems last year with the other 7th gradere nor those before. Its because we’re new to all of this. We already know the world is different but no one else knew the world was changing. Its called adapting. Its called being the 1999-2002 kids. Its called learning for yourself and stop listening to what other people say. Besides, thats how you’ve always raised us, huh? Like Obama said, this generation has the power to change the future. The only difference is that only a small group of this generation is the strongest.

    • Jean says

      I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say here. True some kids are responsible, and some are not. I’m not sure where in this article you get the idea that I “don’t realize the world is changing”. The world is constantly changing. Technology changes very quickly, which is what this web site is all about, to inform parents who may not be aware of sites like Omegle and apps like Kik. Not because those parents don’t trust their children; but because they need an awareness as to what their kids may be doing and may be involved with. That’s part of our job as parents.

    • Jennifer says

      There is a reason that there is pedophiles. Just because a young girl starts talking to a grown man doesn’t mean she is stupid, dumb or irresponsible. It doesn’t mean that didn’t get honors in school, go to church every week, or know right from wrong. Pedophiles are good at what they do and can convince them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It doesn’t matter when we grew up or how much the world has changed. Pedophiles have not, and do you think a pedophile is just going to come out and say nasty stuff right away-no, most wont. They are going to be your daughters best friend, the only one that understands her, the only one she can talk to, and then boom something bad happens. That’s how it happens. Smart, stupid, dumb, blonde hair, black, white it DOESNT MATTER.

  43. Abigail says

    Hi, I’m 16 yrs. old and I have been omegle before, there’s some strange people, yes their may be 16 up to 18 on there but I Made friends with a guy who’s seventeen yrs. old he lives Melbourne and I told I live in Australia as well and we both started Giving each other Facebook n Skype names, I really like him and so does he, but when I read this I realise it is a serious crime and so and so, I aren’t back on there anymore, I haven’t told my parents I am dating with him even tho I am older enough for him, I am scared to tell them, what do I do to not make them angry write a letter or speak to them in person?

    • Abigail says

      P.s ‘ my dad can be angry cuz he cares and my mum will do too and I will talk to mum about it because she’s a world to me

      • Jean says

        Talking with your parents would be a good thing to do. Since I’m not in Australia I’m not sure if the contact you had was illegal, but I would always be suspicious when “dating” someone you’ve only met in an online chat. This person says they are 17, but how do you really know?

  44. Ian says

    Don’t let anyone under 18 go on Omegle. In my first ten times, 6/10 men were masturbating. Disghusting, and 2/10, a girl was showing her breasts. I immediately closed out, in case if she was underage, along with me immediately closing for the men. The last 2/10, were eight to 12 year olds. My first thought was have they been exposed to what I’ve just seen? So don’t let your child go on Omegle, or at least try it a couple times before you let him/her go on it. I hope my review was helpful.

  45. Trina says

    Asking someone’s asl has nothing to do with being a pervert or a pedophile. This comes from before things like Myspace, Facebook, etc. where your name, age, and country/state of origin are listed on your profile. It was a common thing for people to say when they spoke to someone in a chatroom. Personally, I never asked it, because I don’t care where someone is from, what gender they are, or how old they are to have a conversation with them, but it’s mostly probably because they either preferred to talk to someone their own age, or they were a boy who wanted to talk to a girl, or maybe were hoping someone would be local. “hi. asl?” was a very common greeting. I guess with these new chat sites you’re talking about, it’s that way again. Telling someone how old you are and your gender is not going to turn them into a pervert if they aren’t one already. Location is asked in a general sense, like what country or what state. They’re not asking directions to your house. Remember when you were a kid and you met a new friend? You probably asked the other person things like: “how old are you?” “what grade are you in?” etc. I have never even heard of the Omegle site, so I don’t have any opinions on it. I just think some of you need to calm down freaking out just because people ask someone’s asl. A woman on your other post was upset because her son was talking to a person with “hot” in his username, thinking that meant he was a pedophile doing something with her son. I’m pretty sure it just means “hotBobby” is really conceited and thinks he’s hot and is probably just some friend from school. If parents become this upset over things like what’s probably an innocent question or someone’s dumb username, your kids are going to be afraid to tell you anything at all.

  46. mom says

    Had a talk with school dean today. Was disgusted by what i found coming from my childs innocent friends. My child is no longer having use of any internet. Very glad i caught on to these nasty chats. My child wont be having a need for friends who partake of internet garbage. Its time to get back to the basics,school work, playtime,chores, family time. My child was actually thanking me for getting to the bottom of this. Internet is not necessary for children. It is not a “right”. My child is very intelligent and tech savvy, this was just too much for a child to be exposed to. It is not normal for children to be exposed to anyones privates,not even for a second. This is wrong. I hope the children,referring to any one under 18, get discovered by their parents soon. I think the parents would basically feel the same as I do. I am sorry for the children who have been exposed. Please talk to your parents. They can help more than talking to a stranger.

  47. Experienced Teen says

    This website should NOT be allowed. It is vile and disgusting. Only now have I realised how horrific this website is, as me and my friends used to use it when we were younger for a ‘laugh’. Whenever you click the ‘talk to a stranger’ or ‘connect to a chat’ button then the first question you get asked is ‘asl’ which means ‘age? sex? location?’ what I found was that most of the people on the messaging site was men who ‘claimed’ to be around the age of 18 – 25. Most likely they were a lot older. The second thing you’d get asked was ‘send me pictures?’ or ‘nude for nude’ which I find truly horrendous and disturbing how someone could ask a teenager or child this. It’s also a worry that there is a video chat ‘function’ which lets you go on webcam with a complete stranger. Most of the time you find someone with their dick out, which believe me is extremely scarring and horrible for a teenage or kid to see – I’ve been that kid who’s seen it and I still have the mental pictures! I don’t care how safe you think this site is believe me it is NOT safe and nobody should use this! Hope people take note from what I say and please please please LISTEN and REMEMBER what I’ve said. Also if you use that site to ‘vent’ or get advise from someone then please you this website instead (blahtherapy.com) I’ve used this before and still do when I’ve got a problem or just need to vent, you can also use it to give other people advise which I tend to do alot. Even though I am only 15 I HATE omegle and think it should be banned and taken down. Hope this ‘review’ (more like a rant haha) was helpful to whoever reads this and I do hope a lot of you do read it.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for sharing your experience – which sounds very common to what many other commenters have mentioned here. I’m glad you and your friends decided not to use the site anymore! It’s true what they say – you can’t “unsee” these things and they can be very disturbing images for a young person (or older, like me!) I am not familiar with blahtherapy.com but I will take a look at it.

    • Zora says

      Yes the website itself is a terrible idea, but its not the website thats gross. It’s the people. The saying is, Dont hate the player, hate the game. Here, its the other way around. What has this come to?

  48. Paige says

    This website is sick ( I’m 13 ) I have never been on it but I have herd a lot of scary and creepy story’s about
    Omegle. But that’s not really why I have never went on, I didn’t go on because my mom trusts me to do the right thing and not to go on there or any app/websites like that so I don’t. And people just need to use more common sense.

    • McKenzie says

      I am a 13 year old girl. I like using omegle and being able to interact with other kids from different places. Omegle is not necessarily bad. It can be used any way. You have to understand that as kids we get curious and sometimes we need ways to pass the time or cure our boredom. I use omegle to do exactly that. I always ask for someone’s asl because I want to make sure I am talking to someone close enough to my age that it will be considered appropriate. Whenever someone brings up anything sexual I disconnect and find someone else to talk to. I realize that many of you out there believe that using social networking sites like omegle and Facebook and kik are bad but in the end it depends on how you use them. On Facebook and kik you are aloud to block people and on omegle you can keep your identity safe. As for the video chat, you have the option of just regular talking and no video. So like I said in the end it all depends on how you are using the site.

  49. Jessica says

    A friend of mine posted on FB that her daughter was having a problem with some bullying through Kik. So I looked into it and came to this site. After reading about Kik and Omegle and others, I sat down my son and had an updated internet safety talk with him. I also downloaded K9 for his laptop and iPod touch. Thank you for having this site to keep us informed of what’s out there.

  50. Guitar&Piano says

    When I first learned about omegle, I thought, “Omegle? Like ‘Smeagel?’ That doesn’t sound good!”

    I can’t believe that there are such…disgusting people out there that want to take advantage of people and people that let them!

  51. fred says

    These parents act like they care.ha. of all the nude videos of questionable age floating around, not one girl was a victim. Quite the opposite. Your little darlings are happy to strip for strangers because it is safe. How many mommies know their angels are using snapchat for the same reason? Wake up

  52. Not Andrew the Battery says

    While I do not recommend this site for kids due to the internet being the internet, all of your points are irrelevant, the “is this website safe for preteens?” question is not even from omegle, it is formatted as a reddit comment section.
    Your first point quotes the privacy policy, a text that nearly all people who use this website read anyway and most others ignore.
    Your second point is irrelevant as you said it is optional, can be turned off and only helps you anyway.
    Your third point can apply to any website as the only information omegle takes from you is your I.P. address which is used by nearly all sites anyway, this site takes your email which is definitely worse
    Your fourth and fifth points can be taken out of the equation completely by simply not using those features and not sharing any private information.
    -Jacob the Battery

    • Jean says

      All the points in the article are irrelevant? Perhaps not to the many parents who had never heard of Omegle before now…

  53. skylar says

    well there is a way to put on there your interest in and if you and a friend have your own laptop you can set up all the the likes and eventually you can end up seeing each other and talk that way. this is the way me and my cousin does it and we call each other to plan it since we dont have facetime and a apple device.

  54. Christopher McHandless says

    I’ve used Omegle for years and never seen or heard anything unusual like what people describe here. I’m sure it’s a fine place for kids.

    Disclaimer: my palms have hair on them.

  55. Hoobly says

    So, I went on omegle, and this a conversation we had. DO NOT LET CHILDREN GO TO THIS SITE! It is full of pedophiles

    You: hello

    Stranger: hello

    You: so….

    Stranger: so my brother said i can get videos on this site….he wants me to watch

    You: what kind of videos exactly?

    You: Which are you into?

    Stranger: he just says keep surfing someone will give me a link, and he laughs

    Stranger: hes 16 and his friends are here laughing

    You: What are you into man?

    Stranger: girls

    You: age?

    Stranger: all

    You: does 12 work?

    Stranger: yes

    You: nude video? or more?

  56. Chris says

    Ok I’ve been talking to this girl that I’ve met on omegle… I’m 16 by the way… And she is pretty cool, so I gave her my kik account username ( kik is not a bad app… It’s for linking up with your friends. Just a FYI for people who say its bad.) and we have been talking for a couple of weeks. I found out that she is really cool and lives near me. So we were talking about meeting up in a few weeks… My mom doesn’t know about her at all (I plan on telling her that we met at school and will be hanging out with her) but after reading your post and the comments, I am terrified! But this girl is so amazing… I don’t know what to do. Jean, can you please help me on what to do and how to handle it?

    • Jean says

      Hi Chris, well maybe she is a really great girl from nearby, but you don’t really know for sure…so I would be be very careful here. Speaking as a parent, I’d suggest telling your parents about this for their input. If I were your mom, I would probably say no way! But if you do decide to go through with a meet, do it in a public place – don’t give out your home address – plan to meet up with a group, if she protests and only wants to meet in private, that could be a warning sign. You could also just wait and keep it as a text-only relationship for now and see how things proceed.

  57. Chris says

    I am not giving her my home address, and we are going to meet in a public place… In a couple of weeks if we are still talking, and deside to meet her. I’m going to tell me mom about it. Thanks for the advice!

  58. Rocio Olmos says

    Well my son used omegle and he said its safe how can I tell if its not I don’t have a computer and. My son puts a password on his laptop and. Tablet

  59. Caramel says

    Hi there! DO NOT USE OMEGLE! LOL. I was in a play recently and during the break times my friends would bring their ipads and lie to random people with se_ual comments! These ppl were only kids and they dont know what they were doing. They asked me if i wanted to try. So, unaware of the bad stuff, i did try. I said something silly at first: Do u like chicken? and the person responded a comment about nude pics. Idk where that came from. I gave the ipad back and i was scared. they laughed at what this stranger said and kinda blew it off. I was still a little scared. It makes me sad to see they dont realize even joking with the people is BAD! To conclude, OMEGLE IS NOT GOOD FOR CHILDREN OR ANY SANE PERSON! Lol. Have a wonderful day and stay safe

  60. JustNo. says

    I’m 13 and I HATE omegle. My older sister had friends over like 2 years ago and they were on omegle. I was in the room and I was looking at the computer when all of a sudden, and naked guy who was playing with himself appeared on the screen. Luckily I had been looking away at that moment and they covered the screen with their hands and connected to a different chat. At first the picture was slowly appearing because the Internet was really slow but as soon as they saw even a little bit of skin, they closed the site altogether. Society is not raising children properly. One of the 8 year olds that I baby-sit knows more about sexual stuff than I do, and I only learned about it LAST YEAR (in 7th grade). Not to mention, I learned in HEALTH CLASS. That should be the ONLY way that children of any age learn about sex. Heck, we didn’t go full depth into HOW to have sex. As for profane language, I know a 6 year old who knows more cuss words than me, and the only cuss words I know are from tv, kids at school, and my parents when they get ticked off. Anyhow, children that young shouldn’t even have access to technology. Young children are very curious and if they go on omegle and see a naked man, they are likely going to continue chatting with that person because thy do not understand that that is VERY wrong. Parents need to discipline their children better. I’m not saying go beat you children because that is very wrong, I’m just saying that you need to control them better. I really don’t think that ANYBODY, no matter what their age is, should be allowed on omegle. Omegle teaches horrible character and goes against the age-old saying “don’t talk to strangers.” Society is falling apart.

    • Worried Mum says

      This website is awful and unfortunately our children are letting curiosity and peer pressure get the better of them, children as young as 8 are being exposed to this site and parents really need to wake up and put parental controls on and monitor internet use. I have heard sooo many parents say, my child wouldn’t do that…. REALLY? To me it is simply poor parenting, I don’t care how much you trust yr child, incidentally it was a you tuber that is popular with kids called pewdiepie(also not at all appropriate for kids)That has fuelled the craze for this website… look him up. He has done a video where he surprises his fans on omegle via webcam, all of these fans are clearly under 18, when you have to tick a box to say you are 18 to even access it??? Parents please stop burying your head in the sand.

  61. says

    Please help me,I’m so scared,because i’ve been talking to one boy just now and i didn’t mean it but accidentaly clicked the button to save our chat log and it’s public now and i have links of my pictures from facebook there and now everybody can see it when they see chat log i think and i can’t remove it i’m crying,please help me,I’m shaking,I’m afraid that someone will see it!

    • Jean says

      I’m not sure if there is anything you can do about that, unfortunately. Maybe someone else reading comments might know. Keep in mind that even if you hadn’t clicked that button, wouldn’t have meant that anything you shared was necessarily private; be careful what you put out there!

    • Bob says

      It’s okay it’s okay, get a grip! It’s a randomized link, as long it you didn’t share the link with anybody, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will see it.

      Sooner or later Omegle will delete it, also. They can’t keep pictures forever.

      ‘Nother thing, the links won’t be clickable since it’s a picture and not text.

      You’ll be fine, just don’t let it get to you 😉

  62. Bob says

    Hello, 14yr old here: I think you’re overreacting just a bit. Almost any site can be made out to be a new boogieman, no matter what it may be about. To me, Omegle seems to be a low priority to keep the kids away from. No information is given at all without the consent of the user, and, quite frankly, you need to re-evaluate your parenting skills if your teen or preteen is stupid enough to send personal information to a user known only as “stranger.”

    Something else that writers for child safety (or whatever you may call yourselves) seem to ignore, is the fact that all web contact is with strangers, who all have the ability to remain completely anonymous whenever so motivated. You are a total stranger to me, just as I am to you. The fact that you have a ‘profile page’ changes nothing.

    All of the content accessed on websites of any nature is created by strangers. If I was so inclined, I could purchase a domain name and VPS, and setup my own website in basic HTML on any subject I choose.

    I eagerly anticipate your reply.

  63. Jeremiah says

    Im 14 and use omegle. As long as you go to the monitored video section there are actually alot of decent teens age 13 through 17 who like talking. But the unmonitored section is full of men masturbating

  64. Emily says

    Hi I use omegle sometimes and while there are many creepy people on there it is fun. Not for kids under 15 that’s for sure but I am 17 and I actually made a friend in there. Hes my age and we like talking to eachother a lot. I added him on kik. Hes not a perv or an older man.

  65. 14 year old boy says

    I just stumbled upon you review of kik and it really frustrated me. You took one look at the reviews and poo pod it without even looking at it. On kik you can only message people if you know their user name (like a phone number) so a pedo would not be able to just message you randomly. I have used it for a year or two to talk to my friends in big group convos. Kik is not a porn app unless the user turns it into that. You can also block people. You review made list me off enough for me to come write this whole big comment. Your giving parents the wrong idea of kik.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate comments from teens that are written respectfully (there have been many comments I have not allowed on the site due to swearing and name calling). I hear what you’re saying and certainly Kik can be used safely for chatting with friends. Unfortunately there are many teens who make their Kik usernames available openly on the internet on their other social media profiles for anyone to see; hopefully those teens are aware of blocking unwanted users.

  66. Anonymous says

    I don’t know… this does seem a little paranoid. Sure, there is tons of stuff about sex, and this site isn’t appropriate for young kids, but for developing teens in the 15 to 16 range, they are bound to know what sex is, and they most likely have seen mature content before, unless they are extremely protected. I’m not saying 15 to 16 year-olds should go on Omegle to exchange produce with other 15 to 16 year-olds, but that I am pretty sure they can handle the mature content should they come across it. I’m pretty sure 98% of kids aren’t stupid enough to hand out their address to strangers, btw.

    As for the topic of your IP being available to the other stranger’s computer (through the use of external programs) in video mode, well, your IP really isn’t a secret anyhow. Sites are able to retrieve these from you, and it isn’t hard to get it through something as innocent as MSN or Skype. Anyways, the worse someone could do to you with only your IP is a DoS or DDoS attack, which can be stopped by resetting your IP either through resetting your router and modem or by contacting your internet service provider.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for your comment, hopefully most 15-16 year olds are mature enough to handle what they might come across, but the teenage years are also a time of vulnerability. I’ve seen many teens’ profiles on other sites that provide personal details, and unfortunately predators armed with this information look to sites like Omegle for their victims. Caution is key!

  67. Lola says

    I was feeling really depressed and I wanted to kill myself so I skyped a stranger who messaged me on facebook. I know it was utterly stupid but at the time my intention was to kill myself anyway. Now I’m getting paranoid that the person recorded the skype conversation and will use it against me somehow. Is this fear likely to come true or am I being paranoid? This fear is really causing me lots of pain.

    • Jean says

      There are plenty of “safe” websites but I guess it depends on what you mean by that – if you mean “safe anonymous chat sites” then probably, no. You’d run the same risks on any similar site.

  68. Ian says

    I found this article from a link in the comments one of your articles. After reading this article and the kik article I have come to the conclusion that both of those are written from a very negative viewpoint. At least in my opinion you seem to do a very good job at telling the reader what to think rather than presenting all the facts in an unbiased way and letting the reader make a desicion themselves whether the objec in question is ok from their kid or not. Sincerely, an intrigued 18 year old.

    • Jean says

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment. I always try to present factual information in my articles along with offering my own opinions. I don’t know if I would say they are written from a “negative” viewpoint but they are written from a parent’s viewpoint. I’m not asking readers to agree with me; they can come to their own conclusions. I suspect the opinion of a parent of 13-year old girls would be different than the opinion of an 18-your old boy and that’s fine.

  69. ItsOk says

    Just to let you know, You can go to kik and settings and prevent any new people from texting you. The new update prevents blocked people from getting into that little blue box on the bottom right corner like it used to. Now you child can’t be tempted to read blocked people’s comments!
    And I really hate Omegle. I just used it on chat mode and the guy asked me my kik for nudes

  70. ItsOk says

    Just to let you know, You can go to kik and settings and prevent any new people from texting you. The new update prevents blocked people from getting into that little blue box on the bottom right corner like it used to. Now you child can’t be tempted to read blocked people’s comments!
    And I really hate Omegle. I just used it on chat mode and the guy asked me my kik for nudes, just letting you know! DONT LET YOUR CHILDREN HAVE A CELL PHONE OR ANY DEVICE IF YOU CAN’T COMPLETELY TRUST THEM. THAT’S MY ADVICE TO YOU.

  71. Nina says

    I’m 14 and I use omegle for few months already . I have never use omegle (video) because I know that I’m going to see bad stuff so I use (text) and when people ask me for kik or another social stuff I disconnect. But right now I don’t think I’m going to use it very often. Thank you for information !

  72. Keekee says

    Look, I’m a thirteen year old who goes on here, I just do the chat and do roleplays. I say let your kids learn a lesson of talking to strangers. So, tell them to do only stuff like, Gaming, Tv, Role Plays, Art Work, and maybe education. The website isn’t that bad if used right. -13 years old and still young.

  73. Anon says

    so, i dunno how old this article is or uf any1 will even read this comment, but here goes nothing.
    omegle is not good for.kids. common sense tells u that. but if 14-15 years use it sensibly, its really ok. i use it once or twice a year or so if there’s nothing else to do. i’ve actually got a friend off of it.
    i added him on skype not facebook coz i don’t have a webcam so it was safe. my mom knew about it too.its not necessary to block the site if the kid’s got some sense. if they don’t, trust me there’s worse sites out there that they’ll find out
    ps i’m 17 and the first time i went to that site i was 15 or so just so you knowlongass comment i knw.

  74. Thomas says

    Jean, you seriously need to update your article. The many teens who left comments defending Omegle and the fun chats they have with teens their age, as well as the parents who think “asl” will ever be truthfully answered, are completely misguided.

    I am a reformed Omegle user. I use to be one of the best, by which I’m referring to the ability to con my chat partner into thinking I am whoever I want to be. You can ask for someone’s asl as a way to be sure you’re not chatting with the wrong age, but as someone who has faked his age far too many times, it’s ridiculous to think the answer is real. As for sex, well, how do you know whether that person is really female or male? And location? An open browser tab loaded with Wikipedia is enough to fake anything.

    Now, I didn’t do this for sexual purposes. But any teen who comes away from an Omegle chat thinking they just had a deep conversation with another teen has no idea whether that’s true. I once conned my partner into thinking I was living in Madagascar due to my dad’s job. I’ve played young and old, male and female, here there and everywhere.

    The point is, any discussion about Omegle must certainly include a discussion on anonymity on the web. Pictures and videos can be faked, grabbed from Google Images anytime. That nice friend who “lives nearby” that your son or daughter met online? Could be absolutely anyone, anywhere. Don’t forget that most of the pervs on To Catch a Predator drove many miles to meet their prey.

    Omegle is not for anyone, kids or adults, who wants a normal conversation they can trust.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for your input, Thomas, you are right in that this article was originally written almost exactly one year ago. I have since posted a few other articles which mentioned Omegle and how easy it is to fake your identify – the same way you’ve noted here – which I hope to incorporate into an update, or at least link to. I continue to receive comments most every week. I try to reply to all comments but it has been hard to keep up. As you’ve noted there are teens that have mentioned how they think it is safe, but many who have mentioned quite the opposite! Thanks for taking the time to post this and I’m glad that you are a “reformed” Omegle user.

    • Random_Guy says

      I agree completely, I have made so many people think I am so many things, and I always use a Tor so I can never be traced ;).

  75. Jenny says

    Hi I’m 17. You make some good points In this article, but there are some things that you forgot to mention. Firstly you do not have to use the video chat on omegle, there is an equally good ‘text only’ chat, that is all I ever use. Also I don’t understand why you have a problem with ASL, it’s pretty common on the internet and just because the person you’ve connected with uses it it does not mean there is anything wrong, and in any case you can very quickly end a chat by pressing the disconnect button if you feel uncomfortable. I think that people should trust their kids common sense, I think the 13 + rating is correct because above that age in the majority of cases kids are old enough to know not to share sensitive information over the internet and if they don’t know that then you as the parent needs to talk to them about it. Forbidding something is only going to make them want it more.
    The internet is a wonderful place if you are careful, I think people need to remember that there are still decent people in the world!

    • Jean says

      Hi Jenny, I agree with you on a few points – the internet can be a wonderful place if you’re careful, and I also truly believe there are still decent people in the world! However I don’t think that the majority of those decent people are routinely found on sites like Omegle. Just read a few of the comments here – there are several from people who admit to pretending they are someone else on Omegle. Why take the chance? And while I also agree that the majority of kids know not to share personal information over the internet, unfortunately, many still do.

  76. Random_Guy says

    Hahaha. I myself, I will just say -13, have been on Omegle hundreds of times! I even have my own laptop, use a Tor browser *You can do some info on what that is*, and go on websites and games I am sure with how over protective you are would kill you’re daughter for doing! The thing is Jean, some kids are very tech savvy, and know what they are doing to the extent they outsmart adults online and they don’t even know. I mean a friend of mine, online friend, who is most likely a coding prodigy has made hundreds of dollars online making modded clients. But the point of this is, a lot of kids online can handle being online, I would like you to think about that. ~Stranger Oh and, if the way you get notified if people contact back I will not get notified because I entered a fake email, so I most likely will not see if you ever do reply, but I may come back to this website and check again.

    • Jean says

      Hmmm…in your other comment you say “I have made so many people think I am so many things”. And you wonder why parents have a problem with their kids going on sites like Omegle?

  77. sane says

    I think many of you are taking this thing way too far. While she was growing up, as far as I can remember, I’ve always let my daughter have unrestricted internet access on her laptops, phones, in her room with space and privacy. She is 16 next month. Why you ask? One reason she is not going to see anything she won’t eventually see in real life and at some point…enjoy (sex). But the MAIN reason is the internet CANNOT get her PREGNANT!! Ever saw the show 16 and pregnant? Females get pregnant at 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 etc. all the time, all over the world! And you guys are worried about internet?

    When she started using computers and the internet, I just told her the basics. Never any personal info (specifically location) and that there are predators out there. Of course I reiterated those basics when I found out that she and her friends were experimenting with webcam sites and Omega to be exact. But I told her another important detail that I think helped nip it in the bud. My exact words were…be careful what you do on there…..people record them and post them on the internet. She was quite surprised when I told here this and haven’t seen her on there since!

    My daughter cannot date or have a boyfriend until she is 16…but I’m sorry, I could care less what she does with her computer.

    • Jean says

      From what you’re saying in the 2nd paragraph, you are following much of the same advice that I talk about on this web site (perhaps this is the only article you came across). You educated your daughter and gave guidance on proper use of the internet, not giving out personal info, warning of predators. And from what you’re saying she followed your advice after you mentioned people could record a video chat. As for the “internet can’t get you pregnant”. I don’t really know how to respond here. To me that is faulty logic as a reason to allow a teen to video chat anonymously on the interest with strangers.

  78. Dai Bando says

    This is a nasty site but it isn’t all disgusting men masturbating. There are hundreds of women who do exactly the same thing. Also numerous young girls and boys are also falling into the same habit. clos the site altogether and get rid of the filth

  79. Second Thoughts says

    Recently, I’ve been thinking of making an Omegle account. I am 13+ but still under 18. I’m not going to say that your article deterred me from using the site, because I’m still doing research. I am a very smart child and would disconnect in a heartbeat. And why would anyone give anything that someone could trace me by? While I understand where you come from as parents, you also should understand that not all of us would “take off our clothes,” because a stranger told me to. I would have no reason to do so and would disconnect. I think most parents just assume that we are naive and would get ourselves into trouble. I respect you article for informing other parents but parents should see our side of the story when it comes to things we are closely related to.

    • Jean says

      Glad to hear you are doing some research before deciding to use this site. I understand that not everyone would take off their clothes just because someone asked; but keep in mind online predators are savvy in their behaviors. You don’t ever truly know who you are connected with on this site or any other site like it.

  80. Wynterfell says

    Im kinda scared right now. Im 11 and a girl I use omegle on my iPod and I don’t use video chat. I heard dat ppl can track u down or da website can track u and im begining to feel rly scared like wut if someone tracks me and rapes me or kills me!? And wut if my parents find out!? They will be rly mad and disapointed… Im rly scared right now and worried!!

  81. bailey says

    hi im 15 and I used to get on omegle all the time but now that im actually doing the research its good to know that people can track you and hyrt you so now I m not going to get on for a long time.

  82. anon says

    Hi, Jean. I’m 14 and have used omegle. A lot of what you said in this article is true. There are a lot of sick people on that site and some teens aren’t smart enough to know that they shouldn’t talk/videochat with this person, but from my personal experiences i’ve never really had a problem like that. Some teens, like me, only go to that site to have a good chat with someone. Also, I thought that you would probably want to know about this but people who usually go on omegle only go on to ask for the persons kik (if they have one), where they can chat some more and possibly talk later in the future (because once you end a chat in omegle, you probably won’t find them ever again). The question I have to ask is, is it really bad to talk on omegle even if you’re not giving any information about yourself? What if it’s just a clean chat? Also another point i’d like to give out is that sometimes it’s nice to know the age of the person you’re talking to. In some situations “asl” even helped me out. Because people usually ask “asl” in the beginning of the chat, once i knew i was talking to some 26 year old male I was able to know right away that who I was talking to wasn’t age appropriate and quickly left the chat. And if you’re not giving out your name or location, does giving out your age still pose a threat to your safety? Or say you give your name, but not your full name only your first. Is that dangerous? And say if someone you asked for you location you said the country, not the city in a certain state, is that considered giving too much information? I hope you take the time to read and answer this.

    • Jean says

      Hi, in regard to the question “is it bad to talk on omegle even if you’re not giving any information about yourself?” – first off, I’m glad you are thinking about this and questioning it! That’s a good question, I’d say that certainly it would be LESS risky if you don’t give ANY personal information at all, and probably giving out your country would not enable someone to track you down. Unfortunately predators are very sneaky and manipulative so always be on guard. Ask if all of this is really worth the risk.

  83. pred says

    I’m thirteen and I will admit that I have used omegle a lot and I will also say that yes I have found a lot of men masturbating and yes it is definitely not a site suitable for anyone my age but I will also say that it is quite fun and I don’t plan on stopping to use it anytime soon

  84. says

    …Omegle is okay as long as you cover part of the camera, as well as covering all of yourself. However, if the stranger appears to be a creep, disconnect immediately. That’s my advice.

  85. RoyalGaming says

    Hi I’m 14 and I go on omegle. Is this unsafe

    Stranger: asl?
    You:14 male NC
    Stranger: give me your street address though

    I’m not so sure that is a bad idea however

    You: 14 male NC
    Stranger: street address and phone number
    You: (gives the info)

    If you understand that it should be fine right?

    • Jean says

      I understand what you’re asking and of course giving out your address and any contact information to a stranger is a BAD idea! Your first example is good however the best solution, at age 14 (in my opinion) is to stay off Omegle.

  86. John D'Oh says

    The hysteria that comes across in this blog entry, as well as the responses to it is astounding to me.

    I mean… you fled the first time someone inquired as to your age, gender, and region of residence? Seriously? In online communication that is the most standard and basic of inquiries, dating back to the days of BBS’s and chatrooms of the 1990’s

    If you raise your child with a healthy level of skepticism and an instinct for self preservation (read: don’t give out your full name/address/phone/email), there can be absolutely nothing to fear from a site such as omegle.

    I read about the “horror” stories of parents discovering that their children (usually 12-18) are exposing their breasts/and or genitalia to one another on sites such as this and find that the only true horror is in the parents’ puritanical reactions. Could it be possible that this is just the natural early expression of sexual autonomy, expressed through an unnatural media in an even more unnatural (and repressed) society?

    Don’t get me wrong. I thing sexual abuse is absolutely monstrous… But if this is your foremost concern I wouldn’t be looking to the internet… According to a 2003 National Institute of Justice report, 3 out of 4 adolescents who have been sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well… So If I were you I would keep my wary eye on my next suburban barbecue…

    I lived on the streets in a metropolitan area, sleeping under bridges, in parkades and bus stops between the ages of 14 and 16 and managed to keep myself safe from sexual assault and exploitation, whilst keeping the company of the dregs of society (drug addicts, deviants, and the mentally ill) most of whom were ten years my senior or better. So to my way of thinking, not getting diddled via the internet seems fairly straightforward.

    Additionally, I’d like to say that the current mass hysteria RE pedophilia seems to be having quite the paradoxical effect; we have men who are afraid to help a child in danger (resulting in the drowning of a child in the UK) and men who stand accused of attempted assault for saving the life of a child.

    Not all strangers are danger. In my experience not even a significant proportion are.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure I’d use the word “hysteria” but I realize you are trying to make a point. I would hardly call a reaction “puritanical” upon finding out one’s 12-18 child (minor) was exposing his or her naked body online to strangers. I would be rightly concerned.

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