Be Web Smart Birthday, News and a Giveway

Happy Birthday to Be Web Smart!Since I don’t have a new article this week I thought I’d share some news and take a look back.  And what better time to do that than on the first anniversary of Be Web Smart! It was last February that I hit “publish” on my first article here.  So I wanted to say thanks to all of my e-mail subscribers, Facebook likers, and random visitors for reading, sharing and commenting.  I hope that these articles have helped you to stay one step ahead of your kids and their technology!  And to say thanks I also have a little giveaway contest – read on for details.

Upcoming Workshops

For those of you in New Hampshire, I have two upcoming workshops.  The first is for residents in the Sanborn area.  I’ll be presenting at the high school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting this Wednesday, February 13 at 6:00pm.  The workshop is open to all residents of nearby towns as well.

I also have a Web Smart Workshop in March through Exeter Adult Education.  This is open to anyone and you can register through Exeter Adult Ed. The workshop is on March 14th from 6:30-8:30pm.

A look back

In looking back on the last year, it’s been gratifying to see the growth of the site. Back when I started I’d see about 10 visits per day (most of them were probably me checking on the site!), and now it is usually over 1,400 visits per day.  Things really picked up back in July 2012 when I joined the BlogHer publishing network.   The busiest day so far was the day after Christmas – probably lots of folks looking up how-to’s for their new gadgets and devices!  Still, most visits (70%) come from Google and lead to the following pages on the site.

Top 10 most-viewed articles:

  1. What is Kik? And is Kik okay for Kids?
  2. How to view your Facebook profile as someone else
  3. How to Restrict iMessage
  4. What is Snapchat? Is Snapchat okay for kids?
  5. Kid Safe Browsers for iPod Touch and iPad
  6. Kids and Instagram
  7. Who can see your comments and likes on Facebook?
  8. How to set Safe Search in Google to filter out adult content
  9. How to Restrict YouTube and Safari in iPod touch and iPad
  10. How to add icons (emoticons) to your Messages

What’s Next

My main goal for the coming year on Be Web Smart is to continue to write articles that help answer your questions about keeping your family safe online.  There is no shortage of topics to write about and I already have ideas planned for the next two months!  Other plans of mine for the coming year:

1. I am hoping to improve my mailing list subscription process.  I’ve realized that some people who sign up never get their confirmation e-mail (it probably goes to their spam folder) and I’d also like to make the e-mails a bit “prettier” and include more information.

2.  I may also look into the possibility of a monthly newsletter.  In addition to the articles I write here I also pass on other links and tidbits of information through the Be Web Smart Facebook page.  E-mail subscribers may not be following on Facebook, so this would give me the opportunity to offer a monthly “roundup” of sorts.

3. In addition to writing new articles I’ll be reviewing and updating all the existing ones to make sure they are still current and up-to-date.   Whenever there is a change in Facebook or iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system) my screenshots and instructions need a quick review to make sure they are still accurate.

4. I’ll also be reviewing my list of Links and Resources and possibly add some of the presentations from my workshops.

5. I’ll be looking to partner with other website and publications to help get the word out to parents who could use some help and advice on technology topics.  I’ve recently had my article on kid-safe browsers published on Seacoast Kids Calendar (a great resource for families who live or visit the Seacoast NH area.  If you’ve never visited before you definitely should!)


Be Web Smart mousepad
Click for larger view

Once again thanks for reading over the last 12 months and here’s where I get to show my thanks! I have two Be Web Smart mouse pads to give away (mouse shown here not included).  I’ve had a lot of compliments on the flower logo and it looks really great on this mouse pad! All you need to do is enter a comment below.  In the comment let me know what topics are important to you and what you’d like to read more of here.  Make sure to include your name and e-mail address (e-mail won’t be displayed on the site) so I can contact you if you are one of the winners.  The comments will be open until Friday February 15, 11pm EST. I’ll randomly choose two winners (numbers in a hat approach) on Saturday February 16 and announce the winners here.  As always, all comments are previewed before being posted on the site so don’t panic if you don’t see your comment right away.

Thanks again!

12/16/2013 – Congratulations Susan and Carolyn! You are the randomly chosen winners and I’ll be contacting you to make arrangements for sending the mousepad.  Thanks all for the suggestions on future topics as well.



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  1. trishi says

    Hi Guru. I was wondering if you would consider a topic to cover, that is a step outside your web box. There are some of us out there (i.e, me) who do not know what “the cloud” is…what it does, how to use it. Yes, I can look up in the sky & point out animals with the best of them, but if I’m inside in my pile of papers I like to call “an office”, its a different story. Help??

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