Google video: Safe Search for Images

I just stumbled upon a video that shows you the Safe Search settings for Google that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  This video is straight from the source, produced by the Google team.  While this video is specific to images, the safe search settings will apply to all your Google searches.  (But don’t forget to LOCK the strict setting if you have smart kiddos who share your computer).

I recently used the “Report Offensive Images” feature to let Google know that their “strict” setting wasn’t strict enough for my liking! Pretty easy to do.


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  1. denises says

    This totally didn’t work for me. My son doesn’t have google as an app on his ipod but will search it in safari then use it, when I can monitor him. I did the same on his ipod and then changed google setting to strict but inappropriate things still popped up!!! Very disappointed.

    • Jean says

      Right unfortunately it is not entirely fool-proof. Your best bet if you want to lock down the Safari browser and searching on an iPod touch, is to restrict it completely and then download a kid-friendly browser from the app store. Some of them for free. Take a look at some options here.

  2. denises says

    Another question, you might know the answer too (hopefully) :) Do you know that if you use one if these safe browsers, can they search for google and then surf the net through google and therefore have access to everything google offers? Would rather not find out by accident, so much to think about! Kids are so knowledgable and seem to find a way around things! Thanks!!

    • Jean says

      Some of them use a locked-down version of Google or their own custom search engine to perform searches so they won’t get the same results found on Google. And then even if they do fine a link that they shouldn’t they will often be blocked from that site. Also some of them like AVG and McGruff you can add sites to the BLOCK list. If you don’t want them using Google, block Google. Some use content filtering to deny certain websites. Luckily these are free or low cost so you can try one and see if it does the job for you, if not, try another. Good luck!

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