How Be Web Smart helps parents and educators

I am a middle school counselor and share your site to parents ALL the time! Thank you for the helpful, informative and easy to follow/read information.

Love that I can understand when you explain things i.e. it’s in parent language!

Thanks for helping all us “uncool” parents get in the know! Teaching us how to keep the kids safe on all the different sites is mind boggling but your articles help so much!

Thanks for your website, I teach pre-service teachers and they appreciate the information you provide to help them monitor and clarify boundaries for the students and own family members.

I love what you do for us parents. I feel I am parenting blind being in the first generation parenting tech. kids. It’s not like the good old days where I can just turn and ask mom for advice. I try and spread news about the website as much as I can because it’s the best site to help me in this trying time. Thanks again

Thank you for very down-to-earth content that doesn’t ridicule kids, but attempts to understand them.

Web Smart Party/Workshops

Amy, NH mom of three daughters age 6, 8 and 10
“Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge last night! I feel more confident about what steps I can take to try to protect certain little people!”

Brigitte, NH mom of two daughters age 10 and 12
“I had a great time and I am so happy we are ALL on the same page with what we want and don’t want for our kids. It was so refreshing for me to know we are all speaking the same language. The longer we can keep it that way, the better our kids will be.”

Lesley, NH mom of a daughter age 10
“Thanks again for coming over last night and helping us all learn a few things.  I think for the moment we are all smarter than our 5th graders!”