Hooligan Bear children’s book series – keeps the story going with social media

While I sometimes warn about dangers on the internet and instruct parents on how to restrict children from using social media, I think it’s important to highlight creative and educational uses of technology as well.  It’s all about the balance, right?

Hooligan Bear is a book series with a creative tie-in: after reading the book, children with the help of their parents can follow the character’s ongoing adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

The books themselves revolve around Hooligan Bear, his nephew Little Louie, and their teddy bear friends.  In the latest book, A Special Day, Hooligan Bear helps his nephew celebrate his birthday and a series of mischief and adventures follow.

Author Ian Toynton is an entertainment industry veteran, having directed and produced television series in the UK and US.  During his time in the UK he wrote several children’s stories and produced a pilot for a stop frame animated television series.  Illustrations by Andrea Dietrich are heartwarming and the characters really do come to life on the page.  Here’s a sample:

Hooligan Bear and Little Louie

If you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for a youngster, there are hardcover copies of the recent title, A Special Day, available on Amazon.  All three books are available as Kindle Editions and at Barnes and Noble for your Nook reader.

After reading through one of the Hooligan books with your child, you can then follow Hooligan Bear on Twitter or Facebook.  While nobody would suggest that a preschooler log in with their own Twitter account, if mom or dad have one (or even if they don’t) you can visit the site together and share the experience.

I think this is a great way to introduce children to the internet and social media – under your watchful eye, spending quality time together, while encouraging reading!

For more information and the continuing stories, visit Hooligan Bear on the web:


* I received a free electronic version of the latest book for review purposes.  All opinions expressed here are my own.


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