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  1. Clare says

    As a teen myself who uses Instagram (carefully and respectfully. My mother, sister, aunts uncles and cousins all follow me) I have never come across something inappropriate. I’ve had the app since January and as long as you don’t search for tags with possibly inappropriate implications, you wouldn’t have a problem. Also, for children using Instagram, their video addition is a lot safer than Vine (of which I don’t have, because it just seemed like a bad idea in general) and parents, it also helps to tell your kids that they shouldn’t post things such as pictures of the outside of their house, when and where they’re going on vacation if they have geotags on or pictures that could be potentially embarrassing as even in private, when deleted don’t go away.

    Also, Instagram is essentially Twitter with pictures instead of 160 characters in case anyone was confused. It is not very similar to Facebook at all.

    • Jean says

      Hi Claire thanks for your comment. I agree Instagram is probably better than Vine when it comes to safety or inappropriate content. Your tips for keeping personal information private it right on target too – thanks for sharing!

  2. Ben says

    I totally agree. Instagram is safer than vine. The thing I avoid is not to take pictures of where I am, where im going or anything in or outside my house. People say I should go off private because I wont get as much followers. I don’t agree

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