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    Ths is actually to creepy -.- your all weirdos that STALK your children, i understand the saftey but if yuoure going to go that far just put their account on private for gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hannah says

    if you stalk your child on Instagram they will hate you and not trust you. it backfires on parents that do this because then the child will not tell you anything themselves and won’t trust you. serisouly the kids I’ve met whose parents do this are messed up because they try to baby their kids and protect them from every little thing. don’t be a helicopter parent.

    • Jean says

      Thanks for your comment hannah. My personal belief is that taking an interest and monitoring or otherwise being involved is not “Helicopter” parenting; it’s just parenting. Yes there are those that try to baby their kids and don’t let them ever make decisions on their own and I don’t agree with that. Once the kids get to an age and maturity level where they can make those good decisions, they should be given the opportunity to do so.

  3. Wilma says

    I use Webwatcher tracking service on my teen’s android. I AM ABLE TO SEE ALL Instagram photos taken and sent, but I cannot see the text note sent with them. However, being able to see EVERY photo has been very helpful and I’ve been able to catch what could have been a very dangerous situation. Hope that helps. :)

  4. Private says

    Hi guys , I’m too young for this site as im 11 but I wanted some advice . I go on Instagram as it is the main way to keep in touch of friends tht live far away but someone keeps sending me inappropriate pictures of them self . I do try stop it and I block them but they have so many accounts . I really really don’t want to tell my parents . What do I do ?

    • Jean says

      I do think you should tell your parents! Is the person who is sending inappropriate photos someone you know? Have you made your user name public? Also please make sure your account is set to PRIVATE. You could also delete your account and wait until you’re 13.

  5. Disgruntled Young Adult says

    Before you read this and prejudge the content with the misconception that I’m some kid, note that I’m 22. The whole idea of keeping tabs on your children is 100% golden and I truly believe that more parents should do it. However, if you have to stoop low enough to feel that you need to check their direct messages, you may be looking at the situation all wrong. The only reason you would need to do this is if you truly don’t trust your child to be responsible and make positive decisions on social media outlets. If this is the case, your child has no business on these platforms. If it is not the case, your overbearing parenting technique will earn you nothing but an angry kid that feels uncomfortable sharing with you openly.

  6. Curious says

    Question…. i guess its potentially a dumb question… can you control which of your follows see your activity – what you like, etc. Or, technically, cannot do this? I ask because I dont always want ppl to see what i like and comment on. Thanks.

    • Jean says

      Hi Curious, that’s a good question (not dumb at all!). My understanding of it is, if someone follows you, they can see what posts you like and comment on if they click over to their Activity tab. I don’t think there is a way to prevent it.

  7. Concerned Dad says

    I just installed Pumpic on my daughter’s ipad. Although it also only shows her posts, her friends’ posts, and her comments in the Instagram Tracker section, it also has a Keylogger section which is awesome! Tracks everything typed on her iPad, including Instagram Direct messages. However, it only tracks what she writes, and not what the other person in the conversation is typing. A little bit limited, but very helpful nonetheless. You do have to install it on a jailbroken device, but that’s not very difficult for a concerned parent to figure out how to do. And it comes with loads of other cool things you can do. I personally would never own an iDevice without being able to jailbreak it.

    • Jean says

      Thanks Concerned Dad. I don’t personally jailbreak my devices but this may be useful for parents who are comfortable with doing that.

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