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Kik Messenger iconDid you know that you (and that means your kids) can watch YouTube videos using Kik Messenger? An observant and concerned reader contacted me about this.  For those parents who have taken the time to restrict the YouTube app from their kid’s iPod touch, iPad or Phone, but have allowed Kik Messenger, you may want to take a closer look at this.  There is more to Kik than just sending messages to friends.

Kik – more than just messaging

Kik introduced Kik “cards” in the fall of 2012, with their version 6.0 update.  Kik cards allow you to send pictures, videos, drawings, games, and more from within the app.  You can do this when typing a message to a Kik friend.  Swipe the screen and to access built-in “cards” and add more choices.  Some of these include:

  • YouTube videos (Can browse, send and receive YouTube videos in the Kik app)
  • #Kikstagram (send any Instagram picture – not just your own.  This means your child’s Instagram photos could be used this way if they have a public account; just one more reason to make their Instagram account private)
  • Image Search (Find and share images with your friends on Kik)
  • PhotoBomb (Share photos that self-destruct after a couple of seconds – hmm, sounds a lot like Snapchat, doesn’t it?)
  • Word (play word puzzles with friends)
  • HeyHey! (Meet new people through photos every hour.  I looked this up and from what I can tell, it is a way for Kik users to find new Kik friends, and most of the photos I saw were teens.  Many shirtless boys, many pouty girls).
  • Remember the Beer (share a shopping list with someone on Kik.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with Beer)
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • And more (24 choices in all)
Adding a YouTube video to a Kik message
Adding a YouTube video to a Kik message
Adding more Kik cards
Adding cards in the Kik app
#Kikstagram in the Kik app
Kikstagram allows a Kik user to send Instagram pics


Clear Recently Viewed videos
Kik users can clear their recently watched videos

If you have allowed Kik for messaging but have said no to Instagram or YouTube, you may want to take a closer look at Kik.  There are no settings available (that I could find) that would limit the ability to view these “cards” when using Kik.

More about Kik and Kik Cards:

My review of Kik

Tips for Parents:


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  1. Shannon says

    So my 11yr old daughter came to me yesterday with her ipod. She recieved a msg from a random boy who claimed to know her thru a friend of her at school named “nik”. She asked him to show her a picture of “nik” and himself as she does not know a “nik”. He sent her a picture of someone perhaps not himself. He then preceded to ask for pictures of her without her shirt on , her ass and would she have sex with him. He also said that he would send a picture of his abs and his dick. Thank goodness she is open enough to share with us what was going on. We went to our local police department but were told they can’t do anything as he has not committed a crime. We have since put privacy settings on her ipod as well as security settings. Just want parents to be aware of what can happen.

  2. Denise says

    Same with some mine craft apps, you can access YouTube via a link thru some mine craft apps/servers, aggghhhhh!

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